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*All fonts on quotescover are carefully curated with high standards to ensure you have a well-designed fonts with safe license for personal or commercial use.


Why Using QuotesCover?


It supports all dimensions. All of it!

You can use Quotescover.com to create anything. Ranging from small resolution for social media and website, higher resolution for your desktop and mobile wallpaper, or even super large image dimension for printouts or merchandising.

Still not find your desired dimension? No worries, you can create it by yourself using the custom dimension feature. The best part is that no matter how big your image is, the downloading process will be an instant.


Free for commercial use image license.

If you creating images using online editors, one thing you should check first is the output image license. You should make sure the fonts and graphic assets are safe for commercial use, otherwise, your design will be useless.

Worry not, we have high-quality fonts and backgrounds that are carefully curated and or created to comply with the safe for commercial use license. Now you can create artwork with peace of mind. Learn more about it here


It has design automation feature

Unlike many online photo editors out there, we have a unique approach on how to design. We called it a generate-and-tweak approach. This approach is a combination of intelligent graphic design automation with comprehensive manual editings.

At first, you will get a design generated by our program, then you can regenerate the image again to get others looking or manually tweak and edit it to make the desired result. This will make designing so easy and fun. No more a steep learning curve!


It also has comprehensive manual editing

Quotescover is designed and optimized specifically to create quotes images quickly and easily using automation. But if you love manual designing, we have you backed up. The unique interface is designed to make tweaking graphics easier. It grouped based on graphic component properties to make the editing process streamlined and easier to find.

If you want more advanced, there is layer-based editing. You can change the graphic component stacks by drag and drop this layer. The same like photoshop did, it just much easier.


Tons of high-quality graphic and font assets available.

Quotescover by default is designed and engineered specifically for creating Quotes Poster. To generate beautiful artwork, it requires state of the art fonts and backgrounds. Quotescover only list the best fonts and backgrounds created by partners, our in-house designer, or curated carefully from CC0 licensed graphics.


It is so fast and

Quotescover process all image creation on your browser, not on our server. This means when you upload an image, it does not send to our server, but instead, it added to your local browser. The same when you are downloading the result, it saves the image from your browser to your hard disk. This makes the uploading or downloading process is done in an instant. very fast!. You can even still download it even if your internet disconnected.

Another advantage is since there is no data you send to our server, that means your privacy is protected. We don't know what you read or what you create or upload.


It has an intelligent adaptive layout system

One feature that makes QuotesCover distinctive compared to other online photo editor is its adaptive layout. The adaptive layout is so useful when you want to create many images in a different dimension or different content BUT have the same look and feel.

Let say you have your desired look already and then want to change to another dimension, you don't need to redesign it. Just click or tap on the change dimension button, choose your dimension, and then the system will automatically adapt your design into a new layout.

You can even change the text content without worrying about the new content (regardless of its word count) will mess up your design. The system will intelligently adjust the font size so that it will not overlapping to other graphic objects.


It can generate Facebook 3D Image effect

You will only find this neat feature on Quotescover! You can generate the 3D parallax effect version of your design for Facebook posts. The image will look interactive as the viewer moves their phone or cursor. This makes your port more engaging and eye-catchy. You can read about this here

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We put our designing tutorial, update information about quote maker app, and articles related to graphic design on this blog. If you are new and want to know about how quotescover work, this is a good place to start.

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