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Free and safe license

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The latest image created using our quote maker. You are free to download, share or distribute it. Click on the image to download the higher resolution. Click on redesign button if you want to create new one.

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We put our designing tutorial, update information about quote maker app, and articles related to graphic design on this blog. If you are new and want to know about how quotescover work, this is a good place to start.

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About QuotesCover's Quote Maker Simply powerful quote poster maker

If you see some good looking posters, announcement, advertisement, greeting cards, something like that, etc, You'll notice they share something in common that makes them beautiful: They always have a beautiful mix between typography, background, and other element. QuotesCover is here to help you create something like that easily and quickly. User can download it as a high resolution image based on dimension they choose.

Online Quote Maker Version 3

What you can create with QuotesCover?

Quotescover can produce images in all dimension. From social media post image like Instagram or Facebok, Banners for website ads, Branding image like your Facebook Cover, or even print ready high resolution image for room poster or t-shirt. Need specific dimension? No worries! you can use the custom dimension form to decide your own dimension. Changing to another dimension is also fluid. It won't break your design. This means creating a couple of different dimension image with the same feel is piece a cake! That's important if you want to create campaign across social media and prints.

Tell me more about the Quote Maker App!

Instead of overwhelming user with unused and confusing features, we specifically design the app for quotes image, hide the advanced part under the hood, and present simple but intuitive controls in front, so that you can create unique quotes poster beautifully with smallest effort.

Another interesting feature we have is what we called by Intelligent Design Assistant . This intelligent design assistant will help you to make better cover based on graphic design theory. For example, the app will automatically reformat and resize the text when you slide the letter spacing slider. Later (still in development stage) this app will be able to decide the best design automatically based on your text tone. This approach will save you tons of time without compromising quality. Forget steep learning curve, and let the computer help you create better graphic design. Your job is just choose or tweak it.

Is it compatible with smartphone?

Definitely yes. Our app running on browser, including smartphone major browser. This means you don't need to install the app on your device. Like we said before, just open from your browser follow the step, and start designing. As simple as that!

What is the difference with another quote maker?

  • You don't need to sign up, register, or install anything. Just open the page and start designing.
  • No watermark branding from us on the final image , except yours.
  • All graphic asset is free. Released CC0 license, which means you can use it for anything, including commercial projects.
  • Simple, Intuitive but powerful quote maker app.

Explain me more how to create quote poster using it!

Creating quote poster is easy here. Just follow this three steps:

  1. Choose initial dimension (choose vertical generic canvas. It is great for poster). We support all dimension. ranging from social media post to print ready dimension. Don't worry about it, you can always change the dimension later on step 3.
  2. Insert wording. You can use your own wording or browse our extensive collection of quotes from various author.
  3. Design and tweak it. This is where you can have fun with the quote maker application. You can change the dimension on the fly without messing the design. This feature will give you a consistent look and feel across your campaign.

Once you get your desired design, just click on download. That will download instantly because the designing process is actually processed on your browser. Not on our server. Fast and better privacy!.

Can I use it for other than quote poster?

Yes you can use it for creating advertisement, announcement, room poster, invitation, etc. Pretty much everything that combine text and background. We will always improve the application so that it have more and more power to create more complex graphic.

We will write about this in separate tutorial later. Stay tuned. has tons of quotes collection, traditional proverbs, and sayings which then can be easily converted into good looking typographic art images in no time using our sophisticated online quote maker application. The application is also able to create quotes images from your own quotes. Just type on the textbox and play with the design process.