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Free and safe license

Quote Maker V5 is here!
And it is really awesome!

We redesigned it and added more features for faster performance, better productivity, and more creativity. Here is the list of new features and its availability

new quote maker v5 features
  New Features Guest Member
Clean, Fast, Better Privacy
No ads and No analytics tracking on entire site means more speed, no distraction, and better privacy
- Yes
Dragable Layer Stack
Change layer stack easily by dragging it. This is great for more creativity because you can change the graphic stack on canvas.
Yes Yes
Enable/Disable Layer
Click this and the respective graphic of the layer will disappear on canvas. Click again to show it.
Yes Yes
Fullscreen toggle button
Get rid of that cluttered browser windows and goes fullscreen on single click
- Yes
Access to all previous version
Still love our previous quote maker version? worry not you can still access it
Yes Yes

Latest Blog

We put our designing tutorial, update information about quote maker app, and articles related to graphic design on this blog. If you are new and want to know about how quotescover work, this is a good place to start.

Quote Image Samples

The latest image created using our quote maker. You are free to download, share or distribute it. Click on the image to download the higher resolution. Click on redesign button if you want to create new one.

Want to see more? Browse Quotes Images


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