12 New Beautiful Fonts Added. Designed by JoeCreative

We have bought corporate licensed font from FuntBundles and added it to our quote maker web application. Now our end user are free and safe to use this beautiful font from JoeCreative.

Starting today we are going to continuously update our font with more premium look and feel font. The fonts are made by ourself or bought from marketplace or designers. We make sure the license is safe you can use it for your project with no worries.

The first font is designed by JoeCreativeWe bought it from FontBundles marketplace with corporate license. The corporate license type allow us to use it on QuotesCover platform/web app/app that can be used for our end user. This means you are safe and free to use it for your own projects.

This 12 Fonts has a perfect style if you want to create lettering or calligraphy style artwork. You can pair it with sans or serif font for the best look and feel. If you don’t want to be bothered with graphic designing theory, just go to generator tab and generate the image automatically. Our quote maker intelligent design system will automatically choose the best font pairing for specific graphic design style. Just choose style you want and hit font prev next button for change only the font or hit that wand icon button for generate all.