7 New Vintage Fonts and 3 Modern Lettering Fonts Added (and how to use them)

7 beautiful vintage fonts and 3 modern lettering font is ready to use on our quote maker.

To make these vintage font looks good, I suggest to use an old themed background. Maybe a road, a dune, old car, or motorcycle or any vintage architecture. And then you combined it with script font on second text to make it looks harmony. Another working font pair is to use simple shape font. like minimal sans.

How to use it on Quote Maker?

To use the font on quote maker, If you are member, you just need to click on the FONT tab on top right corner and you’ll find the latest font there. To apply it to the canvas just click on the button below the font preview. It self explanatory.

Browsing fonts on quote maker app. Just click on font tab and apply it to the canvas by clicking the buttons below the preview.

If you use Free Version Quote Maker you need to use the generate font. The generate font will automatically create font pairing from our asset. You cannot use manual font selecting using Free version, so you need to be patience generating font pairing to get the desired result.

Free user can use this automation tool to generate the desired font pairing.

Thats all for today, stay tuned because more features and assets are coming. Happy designing. Keep spread inspiration.