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7 Quotes Poster About Business and How to Make Them Under 10 Minutes

Hello everyone, this is our very first weekly project post. As the name stated, we are going to create quotes design using our application weekly. Weekly Project not only will give you an insight on how QuotesCover work, but also to learn graphic design, especially typography. We also provide you with the screen recording you may find on Our youtube channel (just scroll down on the article and you will see the video embed there). As this post released, the version of app we are using is 3.1.1, so if you are arrived here from the future, there might be a difference on user interface or feature.

Today we are going to create seven high resolution typographic poster for prints. And the topic is about “Business”.  There are tons of business related quotes in QuotesCover quotes collection we can use, but I just pick 7 which I think is so impactful. TIPS: If you want to create an impactful quotes poster, you need  to capture user attention in split seconds. So choose shortest quotes and use a strong visual to make it prominent.

7 poster about business

Before you go to the tutorial, here is the result of what we are going to create. You may download and use it for everything including commercial use. Just click on the image to open the high resolution version and save it to your computer or phone.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings, Sir” – By Mr. Dryden

All Lasting Business is Built on Friendship” – By Alfred A. Montapert

Business is a combination between war and sport” by Andre Maurois

There are more goods bought by the heart than by the head” by George Henning

Under Promise, Over Deliver” by – noname

Everyone has the key, it just a matter of using it”

What Help People, Help Business” by Leo Burnett

They are look cool, don’t you think? and the best part is you don’t need an effort to create it. In fact, making typographic quotes poster like above is quick and fun. You don’t need specific software installed. And if you stuck with the qutes idea, you can browse our extensive quotes collection. Just like above poester, we just browse with the keyword: “Business”.

We also have designed many business related quotes picture. You can see it here: Quotes picture about business

How to create those business quotes poster?

Actually there is a three main steps as follow:

  1. First open and choose dimension (you can change it later)
  2. Then you add your own word or browse our extensive quotes collection. Just type “business” on search box
  3. Choose your quotes and the image editor will be shown. This is where you “play” with the design process. Just generate the design, let computer think about the background and text combination, and then you can edit or tweak it to make it perfect.

We have created the screen recording on Youtube to make you easier: Here is the video. Please note that you WILL NOT achieve perfectly the same as this tutorial as the nature of quotescover is Inttelligent graphic generator. Means it will first generate a beautiful image for you.


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