Beautiful font “SOFIA” by HEADSTUDIO. is up!

We really excited to get this font up on QuotesCover.

I was just browsing Behance to search for inspiration and then suddenly this great looking font popped out. The first time see it, I quickly think that this have to be added to QuotesCover!

There are many reasons for that. The main is that this font has a strong characteristic of drawing attention. The full “O” and “A” is so eye-catchy that is perfect for title or quotes that only have view word. Maybe a slogan or something.¬† And it has a modern urban feel. That is the category that QuotesCover still lacks.

It’s great to know that this font is released free for commercial use. That is the most important thing. But of course, I always have to ask for permission first to the creator first. So I contacted¬† HEADSTUDIO. via Behance if We can use it for QuotesCover and all its users. And they give a very warm reply that we are permitted to use it on QuotesCover.

HeadStudio reply.

If you want to support them or know more about them here is their address:

Font Url:

OK everyone, It is time to design and inspire others. Let me know if you already make it by uploading it on our Facebook page. And for HEADSTUDIO, you guys Rocks! Thank you for making this great looking font available for everyone.