Great looking fonts from Alejo Bergmann. It’s perfect for making strong impression

Another great looking, free for commercial use fonts is live on QuotesCover. Created by talented designer Alejo Bergmann. Check it out

I was impressed when I found a nice looking (and surprisingly free Open SIL licensed) font called Facon on Behance. This font has a strong characteristic. The bold body combined with slanted accent feels so appealing and unique. Once you put on the poster title it will easily distinguished.

Facon font has strong character because of its slanted cut line.

I contacted the designer and ask for permission. And thankfully the designer, Alejo Bergmann, permit us to use it as assets on the  QuotesCover.  He also gives us another font portfolio. And I realized that he has amazing fonts including Potra, Fulbo, and Cunia.

Potra font also has its unique characteristic. It feels so futuristic. That line art is forming a distinguishable letter without feels too excessive. And somehow it still looks balanced even I zoom out. This is the category which Quotescover lack of it. And again, thankyou Alejo for creating this awesome font and make it available for free for everyone.

Potra, is also a strong character font because of its unique futuristic line art.

If you agree with me that this font is so great, please feel free to donate him at:
and greet him on his Behance page at
Or visit his founded font foundry studio

Happy designing, everyone!