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How to make quote poster in just 2 minutes

On this project we are going to create a quotes from Aldous Huxley about positive thought where you can download the high resolution here: Quotes Images about positive, think, by Aldous Huxley. I succesfully created this beautiful quote images in under 2 minutes. I am sure you can faster than that.

This project is made using pro version of QuotesCover but you can use free version as well. The main difference is that in free version you cannot change font manually or add quotes from the app directly.  In free version you relied on automatic mode. Changing font by generating it. It works, but just need longer time.

Lets get started.

#1. Open Quote Maker Application

The first tihing to do is opening and navigating to the quote maker application. Open on your browser and then click on “launch quote maker” button. There are three option. Choose the latest PRO version. If you are on free version, just follow the wizzard.

Open Quote Maker Application. Make sure you choose the latest version.

#2. Add quotes from our comprehensive quotes database.

Click on quotes tab, and then choose your desired quotes. Click “Add to editor” button. The text on canvas will changed with the quotes you choose.

Quotes tab enabling you to search for quotes and apply it to the canvas

#3. Tweak the look and feel

The fun part begin. Just play with the setting to tweak the look and feel. Here is some tips to make your tweaking more efficient.

  1. Start with the automatic generator (Generate tab)
  2. Once you find your desired combination, goes with minor tweaking it. For example if you want to change the author name font type, click on the font tab, search for your desired font, and then click on “apply to description” button.
  3. You can also DOUBLE CLICK object on the canvas to change its setting. (watch on the video below)
Browse tons of worry free license font and apply it to the design on single click.

To make you easier, please watch this video.

Thats all for today. If you have any question please feel free to drop me message. You can find my contact below. Have a good day, and happy designing!

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