Introducing new feature: Branding Watermark!

Ok, I admit I run out of an idea to name it, But it basically a neat way to add watermark to your final image. Here is the explanation

Many users request a watermark feature. A feature that enables them to add their company or personal branding on the artwork. This is useful to increase brand awareness from spreading visual design you create or to give the viewer the way to contact you.

There are some ways to do that, the most common way is adding a logo or name on the top layer which then makes it half transparent. We usually saw it on the product image or artwork. But we decided to use our approach.

Instead of using what I mentioned above, we decide to make the watermark branding (let’s just call it like that) blend beautifully with the design. We want to make it blend to the design as another graphic component by combining an icon and text and then place it strategically on the non-distracting area of the image. Here is the example

The combination of icon and text makes the watermark informative and also beautiful because it blends as a graphical component on the image.
Another example of a watermark on QuotesCover. This time the color is different and placed on top

Now you know the concept. Now let’s start using the branding watermark feature.

How to add beautiful branding watermark on the artwork?

Adding a branding watermark is simple. Just click on “branding” tab, Add your brand information (there are many options there. I have added 5 fields. That should be more than enough), Choose the style, and last choose the position. Seriously, as simple as that! Please have a look at the following image for a more detailed explanation.


How to add branding watermark into your artwork

A. Click “branding” tab
B. Choose icons
C. Insert information
D. Choose the style. Just click on it an see on the canvas
E. Chose where the watermark positioned
F. See how it looks on the canvas

I have recorded my screen to make you easier. Please watch the following video:

I think this update is clearly useful for marketer, business owner, or individuals who want to get most of their visual content marketing effort or everyone who want to increase their branding. If you have any suggestions or found a bug please kindly contact us. We really appreciate your feedback for better QuotesCover.