New Futuristic Font: Blanka by Emmeran Richard

This modern futuristic feel font created by Emmeran Richard is now available on QuotesCover here is the detail about the font

I found this cool font while browsing Behance and I easily hooked with it, and surprisingly it is free for commercial use. Then I contacted the designer, Emmeran Richard ( to ask for permission to be used on QuotesCover. And thankfully he permitted to use on QuotesCover. Check the font copyright details right here: Blanka Regular.

Blanka font by Emmeran Richard is now available on

So what really interesting about this font is that it has a strong modern or futuristic look and feel. So it perfect for a minimalist background.

This kind of font is perfect for title text. A small portion of words will work. But this is not suitable for paragraph text.

Here is an example. I make it as a title text and combined it with a thinner minimalist font for its paragraph text.

Example of font Blanka in a poster. I use it on title text and combined it with minimalist background and thinner font on paragraph text.

How about font pairing?

I personally suggest to use the same family (sans) but much thinner font instead of pair it with a different family. This to maintain a minimalist or futuristic feel as this font main character.

Of course, to pair it with hand lettering will also work, but you will break the main character of this font.

Alright, It is time to make some quotes poster with a futuristic touch. Once again thanks Emmeran, for letting us implement this font to make it available for everyone.

If you guys wanna support him, here is the Paypal donation link: