New Update: Change Mode! and some bug fixes.

As you may have noticed, We removed the Flash version and V3 Version a couple of days ago. And now we have new update to compensate that

I will start with WHY we decided to sunset the Flash version and V3 version (aka Light version). Long story short, That’s because both use some font that is free for you as our user, but prohibited to be used or embedded in QuotesCover. That’s why we migrate all to Version 5 which has safe license graphics and fonts for both us and our user.

The problem is, that there are many users still prefer the previous version because of its simplicity. This new update is aimed to bring back the simplicity so that everyone can use it easily.

Change Mode Feature

This feature gives you the ability to switch mode between easy to use to full features mode. The difference with our previous approach (remember you need to choose the editor on our previous approach?) is that Changing different user interface happens on a single page. This means you can still have the same design state even though you switch to a different mode.

Easy mode shows the essential tools that focus on simplicity and easiness


This is the full feature mode. Include the ability to change layer stacks

Try to go to our quote maker app and click on different modes on the top right corner.

Bug Fixes

Here are the bug fixes for this update:

  1. Fix bug that makes the app freeze on some users
  2. Blank background color when changing the layout is now fixed
  3. UI logic is now enhanced on mobile.
  4. Some performance enhancement

Next Week Update Plan

I think the user interface problem is now fixed. The next week updates plans would beĀ  adding more features like the following:

  1. Footer text for branding
  2. Layout alignment. (I’ll explain later)

I think thats all the info. If you still found any error or feature suggestion please feel free to contact me at Happy Designing!