Odachi Font by Mehmet Reha Tugcu is Now Available

A nice looking rough brush font designed by Mehmet Reha Tugcu is now available. Here is how to implement it on your next quote images.

Everyone love brush font and so many out there with various style and file size. But I personally recommend  this font from Reha Tugcu because of some reasons:

  1. It has strong “handdrawn” feel but still maintains a great proportion. So it feels aesthetically rough but tidy at the same time.
  2. It has a perfect level of rough brush.
  3. It has a relatively small file size compared to another grunge-brush styled font I have browsed so far. This means you can load it faster on our quote maker app.
  4. It is Free, even for commercial use. Of course, this why it is here.

Font Designer and License

This font is free for commercial use. As we read on the documentation you can even use it for a logo! That’s big deal! And before I Implement it to QuotesCover I have contacted Mehmet for permission. And thankfully he allows us to add it to QuotesCover so you can use it for your projects via our quote maker application.

If you like this font,  please feel free to support him at:

Behance: https://www.behance.net/tugcu
Website: https://tugcu.co/
I am not sure he has Paypal or Not but feel free to contact him at mehmetugcu@gmail.com

The detailed about the license you can read here: https://quotescover.com/font/odachi

How to use it?

To apply this font to your design, If you are a member, just click on the font tab on the right sidebar and hit apply to quotes or apply to description. But if you are a guest you need to iterate through auto-generated design by clicking next or prev button on fonts (click on quick design tab to reveal it)

To implement it, members only need to open the font tab and click on the buttons below the font preview image.

How to pair it?

I think we can use the basic theory of font pairing: Pair it with the different properties. So since this font is basically a sans font with a rough face, we can combine it with script or sans with thinner body font.


This font is perfect for Titles or Quotes that have a small number of words. It will easier to draw attention. And you can combine it with an abstract or illustration style backgrounds to make it more beautiful.

This font is totally free and safe for commercial use. This means you can create a design using this font and sell it or use it for your client BUT you cannot sell or distribute the font itself. The font remains the copyright of its respective owner but we can use it for any derivative works.