Pimp up your quotes design with this newly added – worry free licensed – fonts

This week we update our font collection with this nicely designed modern lettering font and two vintage style fonts. Here is the report.

The most important graphic component in quote images is font. Because if you design it with just ordinary font, your image will looks boring. Or if you choose the wrong font, the perception of the content could also be different. Thats why we always update our collection with nicely designed font so you can design better quotes images. But before that the most important question is, how about the license?

How about the license?

In QuotesCover, all assets is carefully selected so that it’s license is safe for you. The background photo is generated and manipulated from CC0 photo from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and some other CC0 license sites. Those images is safe. And about the Font License there are three kind of it. The Open Source Font (Open SIL), The Corporate License we bought from Fontbundels.net, And fonts from our designer or partners. All of them are safe to use. You can googling it for now, but I am going to write more details about this.

Can I get the detailed license of each fonts?

Yes sure, we have put the explanation along with the license on each font on separated page. Here is how to see it:

  1. Open Quote Maker web application and click on “FONT” tab on top right corner.
  2. On the loaded font, click on its name (the green title text).
  3. It will open a page that shows the details of the font license.
Click this link to open its detailed license explanation. Here is the license page for Beverly font

Why this matter?

Whenever you want to create graphic design artwork, the first thing you have to check is the License of its components. Is it free for commercial use or just for personal use? Is it paid font or free font? Everything has its terms and agreement. However in QuotesCover I have carefully choose the font and photo that is safe for you to use for commercial use. I get the source from open source font project like Google Font, create our own fonts, ask permission for our font designer partners (even if they publish 100% free font, we make sure it is permitted to use by manually contact them and documented the license). All is to give you peace of mind when creating creative quotes images in QuotesCover.com.