We do sorry for our previous email about re-activating account. It was pure mistake from us

As you might notice that about a couple of hours ago you got an email from us about re-activating your account. This was a mistake and it is pure from us. Please allow me to explain.

There is a popular quote “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“. We just ignore this and goes updating some part of our program with a newer and fancy one. It turns out that it is not yet compatible with our other script and the result is we messed up with time. Some of the users got their accounts re-activate again until a specific time. This is safe, but it draws much confusion.

We would like to state that the re-activated account WILL NOT BE CHARGED. It simply like we make our service free for everyone effected. Besides, you are already protected by Paypal.

Luckily we have a backup data but unfortunately, we found that there is 6 user that we could not recover with this backup. We are about to contact them and give them a solution to get their accounts back.

We are working to make it back to normal. If you have a problem regarding your account, please just send us an email to


We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and confusion we make.

Best Regards,

Dian Arismawan
Founder Quotescover.com