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Celestine Chua’s quote about happiness. Happiness is an effect of…

The quotes about happiness, by Celestine Chua.

Introduction: Happiness is a concept that has been sought after by humans for centuries. Many believe that happiness is the ultimate goal of life, but is it really? Celestine Chua, a life coach and blogger, challenges this notion with her quote: “Happiness is an effect of doing what you love, not an end goal to be achieved.” This quote serves as a beautiful reminder that happiness is not something to be chased after, but rather something that comes as a byproduct of pursuing one’s passions.

The Quote: The quote by Celestine Chua, “Happiness is an effect of doing what you love, not an end goal to be achieved,” is a powerful statement that encourages individuals to focus on what truly makes them happy – pursuing their passions. The quote reminds us that happiness is not a destination, but rather a journey. When we engage in activities that we love, we experience a sense of fulfillment and joy that cannot be replicated by simply achieving a goal.

The Author: Celestine Chua is a life coach, blogger, and speaker who is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential. Her blog, Personal Excellence, has been featured in major media outlets such as CNN and The New York Times. Celestine is passionate about personal growth and helping others discover their true potential.

The Design: The quote poster featuring Celestine Chua’s quote on happiness is not only inspiring but also visually appealing. The beautiful background and font used in the design make the quote stand out and draw the viewer’s attention. It is a great addition to any workspace or living area and serves as a constant reminder to pursue one’s passions.

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Conclusion: Celestine Chua’s quote on happiness serves as a beautiful reminder to pursue our passions and to focus on the journey rather than the destination. The quote poster’s beautiful design makes it an attractive addition to any workspace or living area, and its availability for free download and sharing makes it accessible to anyone. By embracing the wisdom of this quote, we can all lead more fulfilling lives and find happiness in the pursuit of our passions.

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