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Font Name: AginoeSans BoldItalic

Designed by StringLabs

This font is available for both free user and members. Open our quote maker web app and Start creating beautiful quotes poster now.
If you are member, you can use the button below to directly open the quotes maker with AginoeSans BoldItalic font active.

AginoeSans BoldItalic is a Normal Thickness Sans font which has tidy letter and Smooth finishes. This font is perfect for Formal looking design projects.

AginoeSans BoldItalic is originally designed by StringLabs and available 100% free for personal or commercial use. You are free and safe to use it for your projects.

StringLabs Creative Studio is a font foundry based in Indonesia. They love to create beautiful fonts with unique concepts and many variation styles.

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* have a permission from StringLabs to embed AginoeSans BoldItalic to the quotes maker web application.

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