Create Postcard Size Quotes Picture

QuotesCover provide us with the wide range resolution for prints purpose. This time we are going to create a postcard size (portrait version) of a quotes picture. You can print this on glossy thick photo paper for greeting card or just saying something to your friends or colleagues. Actually it can be done in less tahan 4 minutes, but since choosing font and color combination on QuotesCover is fun, I play with it little longer. . This quote pic is made in only 6 Minutes. Resolution: 1575 x 2175px. Suitable for: Postcard. keywords: victory

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Design Thought

Design speaking, this quote picture has a significant yellowish color of sunrise. That photo is already strong. The photo was in landscape mode, but that hiker in center is best suited for portrait design. Pay attention on the placement of the hiker and the typography. It has a center-balanced approach. About the color, I actually found some interesting color while tweaking in the editor, but to show more about the doodling capability of site, I go with the same color for make it blend but still prominent. As you can see the text is also in greenish color which is also nice combination with the background photo which has that color too with a different level of saturation and brightness.