High resolution quote picture for prints

This tutorial will show you how to create extra large resolution for prints. You will also learn to create multiple paragraph in one picture, modifying typography dimension, modify text, and some other neat tricks using our quote maker application. The visuals migh not looks so great but this tutorial will cover most of features on QuotesCover. You should watch it!. This quote pic is made in only 8 Minutes. Resolution: 2625 x 3375 px. Suitable for: Prints. keywords: lazy

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Design Thought

There is not many design theory involved into this tutorial. I just make it looks eye catchy enough. The main purpose of this tutorial is to show you some of cool features and how to properly use the quote maker application. I just playing with the color combination and graphical object placement on the canvas so that it looks tidy. About the background photo, I use the most minimalist one I found on Unsplash.com (you should visid their site for best free pictures)