Make Facebook Cover Using’s Background on App

Today we are going to create a Cool Facebook cover with quotes. Actually we have built a dedicated application for creating Facebook cover on (you should check it, it has cool features!). But since we are going to add a beautiful typography we will use this QuotesCover capability. So we are going to learn how to “Jump” from, take it background, and then applied it to Sorry for confusing explanation, lets just watch the video tutorial:. This quote pic is made in only 3.5 Minutes. Resolution: 851 x 314px. Suitable for: Facebook Cover. keywords: fear

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Design Thought

Regarding to the design, I did not take too much decision.  I just follow the background tone. As you may see the background taken from TimelineCoverBanner has a dark and the quotes is about fear. I found some color combination that has a contrast color. It was beautiful and easy to readm but I thought it weaken the feel of mysterious and scary side of the overall image tone. So I keep searching for color combination and found the greenish accent is perfect for this image. About the text placement, I decided to put it on the bright area just to make the text visible. (tips, never put text or paragraph too close to the border for better readability and to make it not cluttered)