(TIPS) Make a Minimalist Pinterest Quotes Poster from a Crowded Image.

Today I am going to show you tips for making a minimalist style typography poster where you can put it on social media, especially Pinterest post. You will learn how to: highlight a word, drawing straight line, washing up background color so that the image will looks more prominent, and many other QuotesCover Appp tips.. This quote pic is made in only 3.41 Minutes. Resolution: 735 x 1102px. Suitable for: Pinterest Post. keywords: time

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Design Thought

To make a minimalist poster design, the easiest ways are: #1. use a thin sans font, #2 use a washed color background (avoid using too much color and shape) To make this you can lower all the saturation, brightness, and contrast of the image. #3 play with space and make sure your text placement has an adequate padding from each image border.