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To become more intelligent, people have to grow positively and to grow people need to change. Change is the key, yet there are so many that block us to change.

According to Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D. as written in his article on medium, there are five factors that influence how we can change. I have summarized it as follow:

  1. Developing a healthy relationship with your parents — whether they are alive or not.
  2. Control your mind and body. One of the most basic and well-tested methods for regaining control of your mind and body is through fasting.
  3. Proactively seeking new experiences and learning new information even if we get older.
  4. Embraced “prediction error”. Learn something from failure to predict the step ahead.

Let’s start doing the above list and start to change. It is no matter how small the change, but the most important is we need to start now and proactively consistent with the progress. We also need to measure progress.

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