Three fears that you should avoid when building something

The quotes above works for general. That kind of fear will definitely hold you back from success. Here is why.

But I would like to bring that to specifically into building digital products because I have an experience of it. I would like to step back when I first developing QuotesCover. I was ready to launch it but there is always that three fears. I am afraid others judgment, I always feel that it is not perfect yet and the most are I am afraid that it will fail.

Fortunately, I have friends that always support me and he says “You will never know it is working or not until you get feedback from users”. That’s it! feedback is the key. We are all vulnerable, and feedback or critique is definitely what will help you most to create better products. I always listening to what user feedback, list it into our next development and prioritize it which one is good for our products. And that support from users has helped QuotesCover to keep living until now.

By eliminating those fears, you are opening yourself to great advice and feedback from a valid source: Your users. And by cultivating feedbacks from the right people, you bring your product or business on the right track.

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Quotes image of 3 things that always hold you back from success: Fear of Judgment, Fear of Imperfection, Fear of Failure.
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