3 Best Misty Copeland Quotes Images

Last Updated on: April 10th, 2014 at 4:23 am

Need an original and unique Misty Copeland quotes? Check this collection of 3 the best Misty Copeland quotes. Some of them has a beautiful quotes picture already, but you can redesign it at you will, because a catchy quotes with good looking typography will be more memorable for the reader. Here are the list:

  • 1. Bill Copeland quote about truth.

    When you stretch the truth, watch out for the snapback.

    Bill Copeland
  • 2. quotes about improvement

    You’re always working to improve, and you’re always being critiqued on your next performance. It’s not about what you’ve done. There’s always room to grow.

    Misty Copeland
  • 3. To get something

    To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three men, two of whom are absent.

    Robert Copeland