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Need an original and unique care quotes? Check this collection of 166 the best care quotes. Some of them has a beautiful quotes picture already, but you can redesign it at you will, because a catchy quotes with good looking typography will be more memorable for the reader. Here are the list:

  • 151. Aviation in itself

    Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, incapacity, or neglect.

  • 152. What God hath

    What God hath joined together no man shall put asunder: God will take care of that.

    George Bernard Shaw
  • 153. Always hold your

    Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level.

    Max L. Forman
  • 154. Courage is being

    Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.

    John Wayne
  • 155. We Americans live

    We Americans live in a nation where the medical-care system is second to none in the world, unless you count maybe 25 or 30 little scuzzball countries like Scotland that we could vaporize in seconds if we felt like it.

    Dave Barry
  • 156. Psychiatry is the

    Psychiatry is the care of the id by the odd.

  • 157. Men have no

    Men have no right to put the well-being of the present generation wholly out of the question. Perhaps the only moral trust with any certainty in our hands is the care of our own time.

    Edmund Burke
  • 158. A man cannot

    A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.

    Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • 159. A compliment is

    A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly, unless you want to hurt the giver.

    Eleanor Hamilton
  • 160. That ready wit,

    That ready wit, which you so partially allow me, … may create many admirers; but, take my word for it, it makes few friends. It shines and dazzles like the noonday sun, but, like that, too, it is very apt to scorch, and therefore is always feared. The milder morning and evening light and heat of that planet soothe and calm our minds. Never seek for wit; if it present itself, well and good; but even then, let your judgement interpose, and take care that it be not at the expense of anybody.

    Philip Dormer Stanhope
  • 161. Liberals are very

    Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side.

  • 162. Some couples go

    Some couples go over their budgets very carefully every month, other just go over them.

    Sally Poplin
  • 163. If it were

    If it were natural for father to care for their sons, they would not need so many laws commanding them to do so.

    Phyllis Chesler
  • 164. Mothers, food, love,

    Mothers, food, love, and career, the four major guilt groups.

    Cathy Guisewite
  • 165. As I grow

    As I grow older and older, And totter toward the tomb, I find that I care less and less Who goes to bed with whom.

    Dorothy Sayers