How QuotesCover Works

What is QuotesCover?

At the beginning, we developed Quotescover simply as an easiest place to create a quote picture. Quote picture itself is just an image with a text over it. Now we are shifting that to be a more sophisticated web application which capable of helping people to create a beautiful piece of typographic art they can use it on anything. For example social media posting, printable flier, posters, an advertisement both online or offline, an announcement, even a product label or tag, even a book cover or book page, and so on.

The main phiilosophy of QuotesCover is: simplicity and easiness. This means user shouldnt have to think to use it, shouldnt need to login or sign up, and it should work on all device. You, as user just need to open this site from your device and start creating – or choosing – the art right away. No installation needed.

How it works?

Quotescover is basically an automation program to create beautiful image. We put graphic design theory into the program so it capable of designing beautiful well designed image instantly. User can generate images by choosing the asset we already have or add their own.

How about the assets license?

first lets define what “assets” here means. Quotescover not only provide you with the sophisticated quote maker app, we also provide asset or resource on the backend that used by our application to form a graphic art you can edit. They are: font, background photo, illustration, and the quotes itself. All of them are released free for commercial use (CC0).

Is this Free?

Yes it is. Visitor can freely use the app and create quotes without any watermark, without the need of login or register. But we also offer membership program starting from $2.5 monthly. Member have more features which enable them to be more productive, and creative.  We will launched it in a couple of days. Stay tuned

I have feature suggestion and found errors, how I contact quotescover?

You can contact us by :
Instagram: @quotespalm
Youtube Channel: Design Shortcut

or feel free to connect with our founding developer:

Dian Arismawan
Whatsapp: +62 81283749308



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