QuotesCover.com License Guide

Quotescover web application is an online tool to create beautiful quotes images for any purpose. It works by combining and altering graphic components like fonts, backgrounds, shapes, gradients, and color into one merged image. These graphic components are carefully curated from various sources to make sure that it has the right permission and license to be used by us and you as our user so you as the user can download and use it with peace of mind.

The Graphic Components Origin

Since the image produced here is a combination of many graphic components from various sources, the final image use permission depends on the graphic component license it uses. These are the details of the major graphic components’ origin and its license.


The Fonts on QuotesCover.com are from our in-house designer, partner designers, Google Fonts, and bought with a corporate license from FontBundles.net. Fonts from our in-house designers and partner designers are released 100% free for commercial use. Fonts from Google Fonts also have open-source (Open SIL) license which means also free for both personal or commercial use. BUT the fonts we bought from FontBundles.net are released as platform use, which means we have the right to use it on our platform but you only have a right to use it for personal use.

Background Photo

The background photo on QuotesCover is an altered version from the CC0 image from Pexel. The CC0 license image allows you to use it whatever you want as derivative artwork. This means you have to alter or make a value-added to the image before you can use it for personal or commercial use. QuotesCover apps already fulfill this with the ability to modify the final image by adding texts, gradients, shape, and other graphical components. You are safe to use it as personal or commercial use.


The quotes collection on QuotesCover is taken from widely famous quotes from famous people or no-name author eg on traditional quotes. These kinds of quotes are a public domain quote where we can use it freely.

The QuotesCover License

As we have mentioned before, QuotesCover’s final image permission depends on the graphic component license. And there are only two kinds of permission: #1 Free for personal use and #2 Free for commercial use.

If a generated quote images consist of all free for commercial use license graphic components then the downloaded image is safe for commercial use too. For example, the font’s license is open SIL, the background is CC0 then the generated image is safe for commercial use. Otherwise, if a generated quote consists of one or more graphics components that only permitted to personal use, then the final image user download is also permitted only for personal use. For example, the background image is CC0 license but the fonts are from Corporate License we got from FontBundles then the generated image is permitted for personal use only.

To make you easier, we have added a feature called license checker below the canvas. It will intelligently check whether you can use it for commercial use or you can only use it for your personal or organization needs. Always check this first before you use the downloaded.

And here is the explanation of each type of downloaded image permission in QuotesCover.com

#1. Free for Personal or Organization use

This allows you to use the downloaded image from our quote maker application to be used for any purpose for you or your organization but you simply cannot sell or commercialize it. For example:

Acceptable use:

  1. Unlimited non-commercial projects for yourself, family members, organization and friends.
  2. Use it for educational purpose
  3. Print it as a poster for a school project or your home decor
  4.  Blog or article image

Unacceptable use:

  1. Sell it as a product (eg postcard, merchandise, etc)
  2. Making a design for a client
  3. Use it for commercial advertisement on any media

#2. Free for Commercial Use

You can use it for anything. You can sell it as a product or using it for your clients. However, if you use our default image background you should abide some rule as you can read below.

Acceptable use:

  1. Making physical crafts/artwork and selling them at craft fairs and/or online.
  2. Printing and Selling Physical non-customizable products such as T-shirts as long as it is a derivative work or altered look and feel of the graphic component
  3. Making flyers for a client, printing and distributing them.


  1. Identifiable people on the background image may not appear in a bad light or in an offensive way.
  2. Don’t sell unaltered copies of a background photo, e.g. don’t sell it as a stock photo, poster, print or on a physical product without adding any value.
  3. Don’t imply endorsement of your product by people or brands on the image.
  4. Don’t redistribute or sell the photos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.

License Checker

To make our user easier, we have created a license checker below the canvas. This license checker is a guide for users to know whether it is permitted for personal use or commercial use.

If the text all greens means all default graphic object presented there is all permitted to use for commercial.


If it is orange this means one or more graphic presented there (see the orange font) permitted for personal use only. This means the final downloaded image also permitted ONLY for personal use.


QuotesCover is neutral tools that combine graphic components from various source. We only use a free for commercial use or free for personal use licensed graphics component including Open SIL, Custom 100% free license from us or partner, Corporate license from FontBundles, Public domain quotes, and CC0 license from stock photos. This means the final image permission depends on the graphic component license.

So, there are only two kinds of permission on the final image. The Free for personal use and Free for commercial use.  Always check the license checker before you use the final image.