Quotescover should work on all major Operating Systems and major browsers except iOS and macOS, and you might have a problem with older Internet Explorer.

We have successfully run it on the following operating system: Android, Windows 7 to 10, Linux, Chrome OS. Work on browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge.

Sorry iOS and macOS users,

Quotescover process the image on the user’s browser, so when you hit download, it actually saves from your own browser to your own hard disk. That’s why it is very fast. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have this feature. So iOS and macOS users won’t be able to save to their machine.

To make sure your system is compatible with our Quote Maker app, please try our free version quote maker first, and make sure you have successfully download the design. Click here to open Quote Maker Free Edition.

Our Recommendation: Windows with Chrome Browser.


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