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Time-saving & Productivity

  1. No banner ads
    No annoying ads means faster performance and no distraction
  2. No analytics tracking
    No analytics tracking means better privacy and speedy performance
  3. Save design as a template
    You can save as a template so you can use it again later for faster designing and consistent look.
  4. Instant download
    click on download and you can get the download option without waiting.
  5. Change Canvas Orientation
    Do you want to change to portrait or landscape? do it in just one click.
  6. Browse and insert quotes
    You can browse quotes collection and insert it to your design in single click.
  7. Intelligent style selection
    You can tell the program to generate specific look and feel, eg: "minimalist", "Mysterious"


  1. Smarter Design Automation
    The automation feature is improved. Resulting a more beautiful quotes images
  2. Change font manually
    You can browse tons of fonts and apply it on your design in single click
  3. Custom dimension
    You can insert custom width and height.
  4. Access to exclusive font
    We have premium fonts that only available for you
  5. Access to illustrated background
    (Coming in January) Illustration background is more unique and artistic.
  6. Download as transparent/isolated PNG
    You can download image with transparent background. Perfect for T-shirt or merchandize.
  7. More background category
    You can shuffle background based on specific category like "rain", "mountain", etc.

Branding & Watermarks

  1. Insert logo or image
    You can add your business logo or your own profile picture for more authentic look.
  2. Add multiple text watermarks
    Non member only able to add one text watermark with icon. But you will have five.
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