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QuotesCover is FREE for everyone, but subscribed members get all basic features PLUS many more sophisticated and time saving features. Here is the list:

Quote Maker PRO
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Clean, Fast, Optimized Design
No ads and No analytics tracking on entire site means more speed and better privacy
- Yes
Canvas orientation toggle
Whether you want a portrait or landscape, you can do it in single click without messing up the design.
- Yes
Fullscreen toggle button
Get rid of that cluttered browser windows and goes fullscreen on single click
- Yes
No Download Delay
Instantly download the result without have to wait.
- Yes
Load and insert quotes asset
Now you can load and insert quotes assets directly from the apps. No more manual copy paste.
- Yes
New Background photo asset categorization
Previously we categorize it by color. Now you can choose it by object, place, weather, or time. eg: night, seascape, minimalist, rain, etc.
- Yes
Dragable Layer Stack
Change layer stack easily by dragging it. This is great for more creativity because you can change the graphic stack on canvas.
Yes Yes
Enable/Disable Layer
Click this and the respective graphic of the layer will disappear on canvas. Click again to show it.
Yes Yes
Access to previous version
Still love our previous quote maker version? worry not you can still access it
Yes Yes
Dedicated change dimension setting
Change Dimension on the fly is much easier using this feature.
Yes Yes
More Automation Options
Now we split the automation into 5 option for more flexibility
Yes Yes
Clean no scroll on mobile
It looks and feels just like native apps. Of course without the need of installation.
Yes Yes
Double Click to change setting
You can show the setting of object on canvas by double-clicking it. It is intuitive and save time
Yes Yes
Double Click on layer name
The same as when you double-click the layer name, it will show settings of the layer.
Yes Yes
Show dynamic setting
Clicking this label will show you the related setting for the related automation setting.
Yes Yes
Upload photo as background
You can add your own photo to app instantly. If you use this button on mobile phone there will be a camera option.
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More Details about V5.0

We are happy to announce that Quotes Maker version 5 is up and running. There are many major improvement compared with previous version.

The most notable improvement is the introduction of Layer feature. Now user can change the stack of layer on the quotesmaker for more creativity.

New Features

  1. Layer Support
  2. Change layer stack by dragging
  3. Enable/disable Layer
  4. Toggle portrait/landscape mode
  5. More Automation Options
  6. Retrieve and apply Quotes from Quotes Collection directly from app (member only)
  7. Background asset categorization based on its theme. Eg. night, seascape, urban, etc. (member only)
  8. Fit to screen with no ads and additional content (member only)
  9. No Distracting User Interface
  10. Double Click on the object to change its setting
  11. Bigger Canvas
  12. Dynamic Setting. The program will give you the related adjustable setting based on

Improvement Plans

  1. Custom Watermark Layer. The ability to add logo, text, social media address, etc as a watermark overlay on a separate layer
  2. Ornament Layer. Automatically generate ornament or particle for more richer look and feel.
  3. Clipart layer. A layer for adding clipart, annotation, or any custom png or overlay
  4. Save as template, so you can create consistent look and feel for future.
  5. Canvas guidelines for more accurate text placement
  6. Manual font and background selection
  7. Load premium contents directly from application.
  8. Text rotation
  9. Select and Move individual letter
  10. Global Undo and Redo button

Bugs Fixed

  1. Memory leak which caused the apps getting slower over time has been FIXED!
  2. Calculating color is now faster.
  3. Generating image is also faster.