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Create quotes picture about “mistake” for wall poster

Everyone have made mistakes, But the most important is how to deal with it and how we can use it as an experience for the future”.

And today we are going to design quotes picture about mistake and make it as a wall poster so that we can use it as a motivational reminder and a beautiful room decoration. I  choose five strong quotes about mistake from various well known author that I think is prominent enough, but of course you can use your own unique quotes for it.

How to design it quickly?

To design it quicker and easier, we are going to use our Quote maker app. As usual, there are only 3 easy steps required to create quotes artwork picture, You can use mobile phone or tablet to use QuotesCover, but on this tutorial we use desktop:

  1. First is open (the homepage) and choose the dimension. Since we are going to create wall poster, click on the wall poster thumbnail on bottom-right corner.
  2. Step two is adding text. You can use your own quotes or browsing our extensive quotes collection.
  3. Next step shows design editor. We can choose and then tweak the design. Tips: Click on the generate button on the Design AI tab to generate beautiful Image and then tweak it. Click on the specific tab to tweak, like text1, text2, and background tab.

Tips for speedier design of multiple quotes picture

If you want to create many design, you can open new tab (right click on the link and choose new tab) on step 2 for quotes that you pick from our collection. So let say you have search on the quotes, just right click on each quotes you choose and open in new tab. Then you can generate and tweak on each new tab opened and you don’t need to go back to step 2. For more detail watch our video below.

Video Tutorial

To show you how we made it we have created the video. Have a look on the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get more tips and trick for creating beautiful graphic design easily.


The Result

Here are the results. The images on this page is resized version. To get the original version (Heads up! this file is so big because optimized for big poster print: 2738 x 3638pixel) just click on the image. You can use this for free. All released under CC0 License.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery
by James Joyce


Even monkey may fall from trees
by Korean Wisdom


We don’t make mistakes. Just happy little accidents
by Bob Ross


No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing becouse he could do only a little
by Edmund Burke


As you can see on all the result above. The text are rendered smoothly withoud any pixelated corner. This is because the text is vector which means you can make any resolution without to worry about picture quality. But if you want to create ultra big image, let say a gigantic banners, just make sure you also use high resolution photo as the background.

So now it is possible for everyone to create beautiful ultra size graphic design for print using just the browser. No need to install, no need to login or signup, just use it!

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