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How QuotesCover Handle Your Image to Maintain your Privacy? is a Browser-based image editing. What is that mean? That’s means all image processing is done in your own browser. There are no data uploaded to QuotesCover’s server. That is similar as if you work on an installed offline software or apps on your computer or phone.

Let me explain further. I’ll give you an example. When you are uploading a custom background to the editor from your phone or computer, that image is actually NOT uploaded to our server. Instead, it just added to your browser’s memory and then processes the image according to your editing command.

The same goes for the “Download” feature. When you clicking the download button to save your image, you don’t actually download it from our server to your computer or phone. Instead, it saves the image from your browser to your disk, that’s why the download process is always finished almost instantly, and it still works even though your internet is disconnected.

What are the benefits of browser-based image editing?

#1. The first and most important is: Your privacy is protected.

We don’t know what you are creating, nobody knows what images you are processing because all is done on your own computer locally. Once the Quotescover editor successfully opened on your browser, it will behave as similar to an offline software. Only you know what you are working on.

#2. It is so fast!

The uploading, downloading, and editing process is done instantly on your computer because it requires NO server processing. Thanks to your browser who done all the design processing tasks.


Now you know how Quotescover is so fast and private. That because all the graphic computation is done in your browser. It is the browser (eg. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) that take your background, processes it, and saves it to your hard disk. All is done locally on your computer.

You are in full control of what you want to design without having to worry about privacy because nobody knows what you design. How cool is that?

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