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How to Create 5 Quotes Pictures about “Intelligent” for your Instagram Post in no times

Content freshness on social media is important to increase reach and follower. Especially on Instagram. Thats why you should post new content on social media regularly to help maintain brand awareness  for you on your business. But what if we running out of an idea?? thats the problem.

The answer is really simple. “Just Inspire other!”. Thats mean you can create a quotes picture with strong message.  And creating an artistic image with a quotes over it is so easy using our quote maker app. Here is the result.

“Intelligent” picture quotes for Instagram

The following images are free to save and use. Even for your commercial projects. All is created using our quote maker application in under 5 minutes.

Click on the images to download higher resolution.

How to design it?

Those 5 images are designed in under 5 minutes. This means 1 minutes for each design. Fast, isn’t it? This possible because our quotes maker is intelligent enough to produce artwork based on graphic design theory. We just need to generate it and then tweak it. Generate– tweak… generate… tweak, and finaly save it as image. It will instantly downloaded to our computer or device.

Here is the video we record when designing all of the pictures above.

From this article we have learned how works. There are limitless possibility you can create using this approach. Enough with the theory, now feel free to use our quote maker here

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