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How to get creative with QuotesCover Part I: Use eye catchy keywords as title

By default, our quote maker will put your quotes in text 1 and your name in text 2. That is because text1 has more features to make it stand out. For example the text highlighter or the default layout which prioritizes text1. Text1 is designed for making the text on it prominent. That’s why the content of the quote sits there. Let’s break that rule to get more eye-catchy looking poster.

Figure 1. The default quotes content placement on our Quote maker app. ‘A’ is Text 1 which consists of the quotes. ‘B’ is text 2 which is for the Author name.

The idea is to put the keyword of the quotes into Text 1 and The complete quotes into text 2 so that all viewer attention draws to the keyword first and they can read the complete quotes below it. This is like an effective communication theory where the first thing to do is to draw attention. Please take a look at the following figure:

Figure 2. Now we put the keywords into text 1 (A) and put the complete quote along with the author name in text 2 (B)

Now you see that our design looks more “clever” by making a strong impression keyword as the main focal point and put the quotes and its author below it.

Another thing we can do to make the viewer more focus to the text is by adding a frame on it. You can offset the frame to close to the text or put it on the edge of the image like mine easily on our quote maker application (Click on Frame text on the top bar. This will show you the frame properties you can play with).

How we design it?

I have created a video recording my screen when design it, but generally there are simply some steps to make this look and feel. Once you opened the quote maker application follow this step

  1. Click on text 1 (the quotes text). Then the text 1 properties will be opened on the sidebar.
  2. Change the text on textarea box with your desired keyword. Make sure the keyword represents the content or the meaning of the quotes.
  3. Now click on Text 2 on canvas (the text with author name by default). And change it with the complete quotes along with the author’s name. You can make a new line by hitting enter on your keyboard for your author.
  4. Now go to the automation tab and play with the automation and layout and tweak it.

And here is the video of my screen when I design the quotes images above. By the way, you can download the high-resolution image here:


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