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How to save your design as a template on QuotesCover

One of the most requested features by members is the ability to save their work so that in the future they do not need to design it from scratch. And we are happy to announce that the feature is now available for the member.

The template is saved on your browser.

We take a different approach to saving your design data. Instead of using server-side saving (your date sent to our server to save), we decided to use client-based saving. This means the data is stored in your own browser. This will make the saving process very fast and private because you don’t need an internet connection to save and we do not get your data. The downside is, it limited to 5mb and you cannot load it on other browsers or machines. That’s why there is only 4 storage on the apps. For now, we think that this is the most viable way.

How to use “save template” features?

The saving template on our quote maker application is pretty straightforward. Here is how:

  1. Once your design is ready just click on the MY THEME button below the canvas.

    Figure 1. Click on my theme button once you get your desired look and feel
  2. Once you click the button the storage slot modal box will open. As I said before, there is only 4 storage box available. So use it wisely. This storage box is where you will save the template.  Click on the save theme here button.

    Figure 2. There are 4 storage boxes. Choose your storage and click the button
  3. If successful the preview thumbnail is presented on the storage box. And the button will be changed to “clear”, “overwrite”, and “load”.

    Figure 3. If saving is succesful, the preview thumbnail is presented and the button control will be changed as on the image above.
  4. All is done. You can make another design,  close the browser,  or shut down your computer. Next time you open QuotesCover, the data will still be there. And when you need the theme, just click on my theme and click load.

There are a couple of smaller updates like the simpler user interface, and the ability to shuffle flat color only, and many bug fixes for performance. I will write it on a separate blog.

OK everyone, If you found any bug or error, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance for your support. The next update will be the branding watermark feature. stay tuned and keep inspiring others!

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