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How to Turn Simple Text Into Eye-catchy 3D Parallax Effect for Facebook Post

Did you know, Facebook can generate a 3D Photo so that it looks has a depth on your Facebook post when you swing it or drag it? Photo taken with a smartphone with a depth camera can automatically create a 3D photo too.

Good news we have implemented a feature to create 3D parallax quotes images on QuotesCover. With this feature, you can turn your plain text Facebook post update into a much more eye-catchy effect.  Here, I have created two videos to show you the result and how to make them. Check it out

Using your Phone Browser

The steps are as follow:

  1. Open on your phone browser. Preferably Chrome.
  2. Follow the steps to create quotes images or You can directly open the quote maker app here.
  3. Save as Facebook 3d Images.
    You will have two images. The second image has _depth on its file name and it is greyscaled.

Once all downloaded now it is time to upload it to Facebook. Since you are making it via smartphone browser, you need to switch to DESKTOP view first, otherwise, the 3D generating process won’t work. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open on your phone browser (Chrome)
  2. Tap on browser setting (three dots on the top right corner or on the bottom right corner on latest chrome)
  3. Choose Desktop view
  4. Once your facebook changed to desktop view you can start uploading both photo (the main and _depth photo) to the facebook post. Then Facebook will automatically convert it into 3D Photo. Tap on the post button once the 3D is ready.

Now you can view it in action using Facebook App or Desktop Browser.

Using Desktop Browser

Creating 3d Effect using desktop browser is easier. It basically the same as above steps except that it don’t require switching to desktop view. Just open your browser, could be Chrome, Firefox, Opera,  or Edge and then upload it to Facebook. Here is the video:

Are you ready create anti-boring Facebook post? Start with the link below

Make Facebook 3D Effect Post


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