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Is this really free? How about the image license?

We got many questions from users regarding to license of the artwork produced by our QuoteMaker application. To answer it let’s first breakdown the graphical components which form an images on QuotesCover. Currently there is two main component: the background and the font (actually we are going to add three more. They are an overlay graphics, particles, and cliparts, but lets talk about it later).

The Background

The backgorund in our quote maker app is a mix between color, gradients, and photograph. As you may notice that by default the apps show the photo background, right. That photograph is taken from our collection which carefully picked from internet. These photo has CC0 license. Which means you can use it for anything including commercial works without attribution. Thanks to the generous stock photographers!

But wait!

Quotescover apps also has upload photo feature. With this feature you can upload any kind of image. Please make sure that the photo you upload is in safe license (of course you do not need any license if you take the picture yourself).

The Fonts

The same as photograph, there are many beautiful design-worthy fonts that also has 100%free license – Once again, thanks to generous font designers out there -. We handpicked this fonts and present it to you as a ready to use graphic.

Thats Great! but how do I make sure that the font and the photo is safe?

Good point! Thats why we show the font name and photo below the canvas to help you check the graphic license. This also help phtographer and designer to get more exposure of their artwork. To make it even clear, please have a look on this video on how to re-check the license of both fonts, and photo:

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