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It is time to make your Facebook cover photo more usable. Here is how

Instead of just using a photo for your Facebook cover, you can add a more informative image there. An image consists of texts, a photo as a background, and a logo to represent your business, thought, or feeling. In this article, I am going to show you how to create an informative Facebook cover easily using our free Quote Maker editor. You don’t need to install anything to make it run. Just use your browser.

The Final Result

On this project, we are going to create a Facebook cover like this

You might be thinking, why we place the text on top and the logo on the right side. That is because, on the NEW Facebook layout, the profile picture is placed below that text. We don’t want the profile picture overlapping the text.

Let’s take a look at this screenshot after I uploaded the above image into the Facebook:

Figure 2. This is how it looks like when I add it to a Facebook Personal account


Figure 3. This is how it looks like on the older Facebook layout. You might still get this looks because not all users have been converted to a new layout.


Figure 4. And this is how it looks like after I upload it to a Facebook PAGE. By the way, that is my real Krafstudio Facebook Page. Check it out

Now you can see that by adding text and logo to the Facebook cover, it does not only make it beautiful but also help the new visitors get information about you or your business.

That is just a sample of what we can add to our Facebook cover. The can get more creative by showing quotes, thought, or feelings. You can use your own photo there too. Now let’s see how I made it.

How to Design an Informative Facebook Cover

The easiest way to learn is by watching how I make it first, and you try it with yourself. So I have recorded my screen and uploaded it on Youtube. The first thing to do is opening the Quote Image Editor. Here is the link:


Don’t worry about that image editor’s name. Actually, it was designed for creating quotes images, but now it has become a robust simple online image editor you can use for anything. Read in our about us page for more explanation.

And now this is the  tutorial video:

PS. Creating artwork on QuotesCover is different. As it combines intelligent automation program with manual editing, your result might not be the same except you activate all manual mode which is available for members only. Otherwise, you can still create a beautiful image using the free version without the need to sign in. And the best part is all image and font license is safe for commercial use.

Let’s make a useful Facebook cover!


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