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Member Benefits

  • No Ads, No Tracking!
    Which means members have faster page load, no distractions, and better privacy.
  • Save As Templates
    Make great-looking design and save it as a template. This help members to to create consistent look and feel with different content. Great for branding.
  • Manually Choose Font
    We have tons of great looking fonts. Members can browse and apply it to design in one click.
  • Custom Dimension
    We already listed dimension options to choose ranging from digital to prints needs. But members can make their own dimension.
  • Download Transparent/Isolated Image
    Members can download a transparent PNG. It contains only the text with a transparent background. This perfect for print on merchandize.
  • Add Quotes from the App
    Members can browse tons of our quotes collection and insert it to design without leaving the application.
  • Branding Watermark
    Members can add more than one social media name or any text with icon as a watermark. This is so useful for content marketing.
  • Quick Download
    Members don't have to wait to download. Hit the download button and all the options will instantly popped out. The download process is also instant because it processed locally by your own machine.
  • Background by Theme
    Members can choose background image by theme. For example: night, fog, rain, mountain, etc. Guest can only choose by color.
  • And Many More...

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