What is the fastest way to design quotes images?

The fastest way to design quotes images (or any other design project) is by using automation and followed by manual editing or tweaking. This is how exactly QuotesCover.com works.

If you open the quote maker web application, you will see all automation features at first. We call this “Quick Design” under the quick tab. The purpose of this feature is to generate a design automatically.  Here is how to use it.

First, use this 3 buttons

Figure 1. Design automation buttons

If you are new to QuotesCover, the first thing you need to check is this three buttons on the top left corner under quick design panel: The randomize font, the randomize background, The automatic background. With only these three buttons you can create creative looking quote images just by tapping or clicking it multiple times. Here is the explanation.

The automatic design button

If you click this button the program will automatically generate new quotes images. If you don’t like the generated image, you can click again to generate another image.

The Randomize Background Button

Clicking this will generate a new background. The text and ornaments will not be affected.

The randomize Text Button

Clicking this button will generate a new font and a new text layout. The background will not be affected.

TIPS: The first button you need to use is the Automatic Design Button. If you think the generated image is perfect then good, you can download or save it. If you like only the background, you can use the randomize text button to change only the text. Or vice versa, you click on the randomize background if you find a perfect text already. 

More creative with “more options” buttons

Below the automation buttons, you will find many features to customize the design. With these buttons, you can randomize any part of the quote images. For example to make the background black/white or to generate another beautiful gradient overlay, or adding a frame. To use it, you just need to click on the icon multiple times. Each time you click it, it will generate new looking. Here is a detailed explanation.

Figure 2. More Options buttons

Text Options

  1. Random Text 1 Font (A1)
    Click this button multiple times to generate different Text 1 (quotes) font only. The text 2 font remains the same.
  2. Random Text 2 Font (A2)
    Click this button multiple times to generate different Text 2 (author name) font only. The text 1 font remains the same.

Background Options

  1. Transparent Background (B1)
    This button toggle between hiding or showing the background. Hit once to remove the background, hit again to show the background back. This feature helps you to create an isolated text image so that when you print on any medium it will not show an ugly rectangle image. Perfect for T-shirts or merchandise.
  2. No Effect (B2)
    Click this button once to remove all effects, leaving just the unaltered photo.
  3. Darken Image (B3)
    Click this button to make the background darker so your text looks more prominent. Click this multiple times to generate other dark styled effects.
  4. Gradient Overlay (B4)
    Gradient overlay is the signature view of Quotescover’s quote image. Use this button to generate a beautiful gradient overlay over your background image. Click it multiple times to generate a different gradient overlay effect.
  5. Full Gradient (B5)
    Click this button multiple times to generate a different gradient background.
  6. Solid Color (B6)
    Click this button multiple times to generate a different solid color background.
  7. Blur Effect (B7)
    Click once this button to blur the background photo. Click again to blur it more. The third click will turn back into the original image.
  8. Duotone Effect (B8)
    Click this button to create a duotone effect on your background. There are 6 effects. The seventh click will turn back to the original image.
  9. Black/White Effect (B9)
    This button toggle between black/white and color background. Click once to turn the background into black/white. Click again to turn it back to color.

Ornaments Option

  1. No Ornaments (C1)
    Click this button to remove all ornaments
  2. Random Frames (C2)
    Click this button multiple times o generate different frames.
  3. Quotes Mark (C3)
    Click this button multiple times o generate different quote marks.






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