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What is the fastest way to design quotes images?

The fastest way to design quotes images (or any other design project) is by using automation and followed by manual editing or tweaking. This is how exactly works.

If you open the quote maker web application, you will see all automation features at first. We call this “Quick Design” under the quick tab. The purpose of this feature is to generate a design automatically.  Here is how to use it.

First, use these automation buttons

If you are new to QuotesCover, the first thing you need to check is these three buttons on the bottom of the canvas on the bottom left: The randomize font, the randomize background, The automatic design, and the generate wording button. With only these four buttons, you can easily create a nice looking quote poster from nothing by clicking and playing the button.

The Generate Fonts button

If this button clicked it will generate a new font pair from our fast font collection. The text content will remain the same, only the font-family changed.

The Generate Background Button

Clicking this button will generate a new background with a random effect. There are many background effects you can play with, But that is a separate tutorial.

The Automatic Design Button

The automatic button generates an overall look and feels with a single click. The text content remains the same.

The Generate Wording Button

The generate wording button will pick random quotes from our comprehensive quotes collection. Click it again to generate another quote. All the look and feel of the graphic is the same, only the text content is changed.

TIPS: You can change the position of the text or the background simply by dragging it. 

Check this video tutorial to know how it in action. You can also open directly our quote generator app to try



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