Quotes about key to great communication by Andrea Jones

I was stumbling upon Medium and found a great article about communication written by Andrea Jones, a communication specialist. She stated that the key to great communication is being adaptable. For example, is like this. If you are a conversation with someone and you don’t agree, instead of forcing your point of view, just step back and get curious. Ask them to explain their perspective. Give them time to explain it first and grab as much information you can. Maybe about their experience, what they valued,

You get to learn about their experience, what they value and what’s important to them. Once you have that, you have the ability to create deeper meaning in the conversation by connecting your points with areas of similarity. With this practice, communication will be much deeper.

I think this is worth to add to QuotesCover’s daily Inspirational gallery, and so I have made quotes images based on the quotes. You can scroll down to see, download, or to redesign it.

How to design it as a quotes poster?

Creating quotes poster is easy using our quote maker. You just need to play with the automation button to generate the visual and then tweak it to fit your needs. Every time you create you will have a different look. So if you want to create a consistent look, you need to save it as the theme it first, then you can load it for future design.

  1. The first thing is to open the quotes maker app. You can open it directly here: quote maker or you can use step by step wizard right here.
  2. Next, you just play with the automation and layout on the “quick” tab.
  3. You can also drag the text on the canvas to create the layout composition you want.
  4. Now you just need to tweak it. There are many properties option there. But for this design, I would like to show you mine below.

Here is my graphic properties setting. I have added an explanation of each image.

To highlight the specific word you only need to bracket it between two asterisk mark or just use the highlight button


I put the author name on the branding tab


I have changed the layer stacks (by click and dragging them) into something like this. Notice that the Text-2 is now below the gradient.

There is always room for creativity. So start with your own graphic style and use above setting just for learning how QuotesCover’s web application works. And below is the result.

The Quotes Image

Quotes image of key to great communication is being adaptable
The quotes image about communication, by Andrea Jones. “key to great communication is being adaptable” . It is made using our Online Quote Maker and available free for commercial use without any attribution. You can download or redesign it using the button below. Browse more quotes from

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Start making your own quotes poster now. Our quote maker is so easy but sophisticate, and the best part is the output will be safe for commercial use. We carefully curated the best font and background that has cc0 license. So you can design with peace of mind.

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