Good news! Now our quote maker app support FACEBOOK 3D PHOTO!

This means you can create a cool looking effect on Facebook that makes your quote post looks 3d. In other word, It will have a depth and it's definitely eye catching!

As you know by now Facebook support what they called by 3d photo. It is a cool feature that turns any photo into 3d. A photo with a depth. This 3d Images effect is so eye catchy on the Facebook wall. This means you can impress your friend or to increase a post engagement if you use Facebook to run business — If you know what I mean :).

To make it manually it require an original photo AND a depth map image . A depth map image is a greyscape image that represent the depth of the original photo. Darker means further from viewer. You will need a proficient level of photoshop to make the depth map from a specific photo.

But worry not, we successfully implement it to our quote maker app. So you don’t need any software or skill to create that prominent Facebook post. Just open our quote maker app and follow the step. It is so easy that you won’t need any totorial. Otherwise have a look on this video: