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How to create a unique seamless Facebook cover in seconds

As you may have noticed in our recent app updates, There is an app called “Seamless Facebook Cover Maker”. This app is by far the most unique app available on QuotesCover.

The purpose is really simple. To create a seamlessly integrated Facebook cover and profile picture. In other words, you can make your profile picture and cover photo inline as one block of image when users view it on mobile apps or mobile browsers.

How to make a seamless Facebook cover?

You Don’t have to spend hours creating something like this manually. We have created a dedicated web app on QuotesCover for this. So the first thing is to open the app. Here is the link

Open Facebook Seamless Cover Maker

Next, just upload your photo to the app, then you can play with design features like adding text, or annotation sticker, or even add thumbnail photos to create a set of photo collages, and last you just hit download and the program will generate two images. One is the profile picture and another is for the cover photo. You just need to upload these photos respectively and wallaa.. you have a cool-looking profile page with an integrated profile photo and cover photo instantly.

Facebook cover maker
Facebook cover maker viewed on desktop


The Facebook cover maker app viewed from mobile phone browser

The Benefits of seamless Facebook Cover

By changing your Facebook cover and profile pic like above, you are not only make your facebook profile much cooler, but since it also have the ability to add text, you make your cover photo as an information banner. You can add your thought or quotes to express something, or you can add your business details there to show people what you offering. Please take a look at the example we made below.

The examples

Here are some examples of what you can create using our seamless Facebook cover maker

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