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Introducing: Generate wording button. Creating a quotes images for social media content is now easier and faster

Some of the members requested a feature that helps them generate quotes easily, and today we have launched a simple solution for that called “generate wording” button.

A dedicated generate wording button is now available for members.

As its name suggests, when the user clicks this button, it will automatically generate random quotes or sayings from our vast quotes collection database.

With this feature, users can save a lot of time generating quote images for their daily social media content update, for their email subscriber content, or any other business needs with just one click.

Not just for business needs, this button is fun for personal usage too. You can get a surprising quote or affirmations daily with a beautiful look and feel ready to download.

Inspiring others is now easier.

*”Generate wording” feature is available for subscribed members.

Let’s try it. Click here to directly open quote maker editor. Once the editor opened, click on the generate wording button.

Have fun!

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