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Introducing New feature: Download as template

A long-awaited feature is now active. Now you can save the template on the disk drive. And then when you need a specific template, all you have to do is just upload the template and your saved design is instantly loaded ready for editing.

Why does this matter?

Previously, the Quotescover app only allow you to save the design as a template on the browser storage. This has 3 major problems. #1, you only have 4 storage slots to save the design. #2, It only works on the same browser where you save the template. and #3, If you accidentally clear up browser data, all is gone!

The new approach, on other hand, allow you to download the template data to your computer or phone storage as a .qctheme file. Next, if you want to load that template, all you have to do is just upload the theme using the “upload template” button. With this approach, all the problems above are eliminated.

Here is the video on how the new feature works

Other small updates

We also added two handy buttons below the canvas to make you work faster. They are the copy text button and search quote button.

The dedicated copy text will automatically copy the text of the quote on the canvas if you click it. While the search quotes button will open the Quotes collection windows if you click it. These handy little updates will make it easier and faster to create quote images.

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