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Introducing: Random Quote Generator

Today we are happy to announce our new application that designed specifically to help users generate quotes quickly called random quote generator.

Basically, this quote generator is a much-much simpler version of our quote maker. We get rid of all features leaving only the essential to generate quotes like “generate quote”, “generate design” buttons and then adding a new button “copy text”.  I will explain it later about these buttons later.

quote generator
Image 1. Quote generator controls: A. Rotate canvas, B. Change Dimension, C. Download button, D. Copy texts, E. Generate different design, F. Generate Quotes

What it is for?

Sometimes, you just need a very simple tool to solve a very specific task. the new quote generator is designed to help you to get random quotes from our quotes collection. Every time you open the quote generator page, new quotes will be generated. You can change the quotes simply by clicking on the Generate Quotes button. Each time you generate, the quote is picked randomly from more than 15000 famous quotes from our database.

What makes it different?

There are tons of random quote generators out there but we have a simple distinctive feature they don’t have: The graphic generator. This means you can also generate a beautiful image automatically while generating random quotes. You can change the design by clicking on the Generate Design button.

This graphic generator is basically the same as the quote maker, but to make it simpler, we get rid of all features leaving only the following fundamental graphic design features:

  1. automation
  2. the text dragging functionality
  3. the text-transform for layout composition and changing the font size
  4. Canvas size for switching to another image dimension
quote generator basic feature
Image 2. Basic features of random quote generator app

What if I just want to get the text from a generated quote?

You can simply click on the Copy Texts button, and the quotes along with the author’s name will be copied on the clipboard. (see on the image 1, D)


The new random quote generator is just for generating a random quotes. This is useful if you need to get a quotes text or a quotes image quickly to use on your marketing projects or for adding more content on social media.

All of this functionality is also available on the more complex app: the quote maker. But if you just need to a quick and fun way to get a random quotes, this tool is a perfact option.

Ready to generate quotes? let’s open the new random quote maker

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