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Latest updates and Our future improvement plans


We made our quote-maker in 2012 using Adobe Flash (currently called Adobe Animate). And since flash is no longer supported by browsers in the future, we decided to change it using more future proof technology. We re-make it using HTML5 and Javascript. This shifting has many drawbacks at the beginning because many capabilities on our flash version are not yet supported. Since a year ago we continuously improved our quote maker to make users easier to design and make the image results better.

And for this week, here are the updates:

#1. Save as Template

This is the long-awaited features. Now members can save their design as a template. This is useful for branding because it maintains consistency across all generated quotes images. For example, you can save a specific design as a template. And then in the future, members can create another one with different content, but feel the same even if it changed the dimension. This is a very time-saving feature.

Figure1. Save as Template feature enabling users to save their design as a template. So that it can be used for creating same look and feel on future design

#2. User Interface Tweak

After experimenting with a new user interface, it turns out that our old rounded corner is still the best for this kind of application. So we turn back into old and enhance it to support with our new features. Now our quote maker is not only capable of creating beautiful images quickly but also much easier to operate.

There are also changes in the way it opens graphic object properties. Previously the object properties are merged into layer properties as an accordion-style UI. This is confusing in some users, so we change it into a separate interface. If a user clicks on edit on the specific layer it will open the properties on the related objects. So it won’t open as a nested child of the layer bar.

#3. Solid Color Background Shuffle

If you like creating quote images with a solid color background, you will love this feature. Here is how: First, disable image background, and you will see a solid color background. Now click on background automatic button. You’ll see the background now randomly changed and the text and frame color also changed based on the background.

Figure 2. Now users can shuffle solid color design. First disable image and gradient color so that it only show solid color. And just play with color automatic design.

Future Improvement Plans

There are some important features that not yet implemented on the app yet. Here is the list:

  1. Branding Watermark
    It is the ability to add your logo, web address, social media address, or specific name for branding needs. Planning to make it live at the end of October.
  2. Ornament Generator
    This feature will make your quotes more attractive by adding computed particles that form beautiful ornament. I am still researching for it because I have not found an efficient code for this.
  3. Shapes and Cliparts
    Have you ever wanted a simple hand-drawn arrow, a pencil-drawn circle or just a line to highlight specific text on QuotesCover? This feature will help you with that, plus we will add more cliparts for various needs.
  4. Illustrated background
    By now you only have a background from a photograph. In the near future, we will design our own background with illustration style.  This illustration style give more unique appearance, especially when you create printable quote images like posters, or cards.

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