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New Design Tools Added: Youtube Thumbnail Maker

QuotesCover aims to help you create beautiful quote images quickly and also create a different kind of design like profile picture, Instagram seamless slideshow, and – the newest thing – a Youtube thumbnail image.  To get all different kinds of design, we create a dedicated online design tool for specific design needs. You can check it on the design tools page for a complete list of design tools we have made.

So today we are going to introduce you to the newest design tools dedicated to creating an “eye-catchy” Youtube video thumbnail. I am going to explain more about the importance of having a distinctive video thumbnail on youtube later on a separate article. But today let’s dig dive into the new tools: Youtube Video Thumbnail Maker.

What you can do using the tools?

Youtube Thumbnail Maker is a simple version of Quote Maker which redesigned and focused to create a Youtube thumbnail. For the sake of simplicity and easiness, this tool has only 4 important features:

  1. Upload Photo or search photo for Background
  2. Upload Photo for thumbnail
  3. Add annotation images like arrows, circles, etc.
  4. Modify text properties

Simple right? But those are the complete ingredient of a distinctive Youtube Design because basically you only need:  the background image, a text to give a quick impression of what your video is about, an annotation to highlight a specific part of your thumbnail so that the visitor becomes more curious, and you can add more photo as a sticker or thumbnail (for example, you want to show the before-after result).

I am going to write more deeper about this on the next article. For now, you can try and play it first. Open the Youtube video thumbnail maker now.

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