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New feature updates on the quote maker application and why it is matter

New Tweaked User Interface for better usability

One of the things that makes version 5.0 confusing for some users is the lack of grouping of functions in the user interface. This makes version 5 difficult to understand and looks a bit messy.

To fix this, I rearrange the grouping and naming to make it easier to understand. Then I make a shortcut to make it easier for you to edit important parts like text, background etc. (Actually, as in previous versions, you can edit objects on the canvas by clicking it). Please take a look on the following image.

There are many ways to edit a graphic object.

Added new features: blur, black / white, and duotone filter!

The three filters are important to emphasize a story in a photo. For example, black and white photos will tell more about the events in the photo. While photos with a narrow focus (blurred back) makes the view focus on the main object. So, with these three photos you can make quotes images more “photographic”.

To apply filter you just need to click on it. and to turn it back into previous state, just click clear icon. You can change the duotone color by clicking the duotone icon multiple times. There are about 12 color available. To increase blur size you can also click the blur icon multiple times.

How to use filters

Now it is time to try it. Visit our quote maker now and start inspiring others in a beautiful way!


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