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New! Public domain label on our quotes collection

Now if you browse our quotes collection, you will find some quotes are labeled public domain. This is very important if you want to use quotes for commercial use, for example,  — print it as a craft to sell, or selling a t-shirt. That is because commercial use requires public domain quotes, otherwise, you need to have written permission from its author to use the quotes.

Public domain quotes
Public Domain Labelled Quotes on our quote asset collection

So how do we label the Public Domain quotes?

Please first read this article about quotes copyright:

As mentioned in the article link above, The quotes automatically fall on the public domain category (meaning the copyright has expired) when the author has died for more than 70 years. This is the safest way to use quotes for commercial use. So basically we label it based on the date of death of the author. If the author died before 1923 then it is automatically labeled as public domain.

Now, with this new feature, it becomes easier for you to create a quote artwork for commercial use. Just use the quotes labeled public domain found on our collection.

How to access the quotes collection?

  1. You can open quotes collection simply by clicking the “quotes” link on the header above.
  2. You can access it directly from the quote maker editor, click on the asset tab > quotes, or on the shortcut link above Textarea under the quick tab menu.
  3. You can also access it from quote maker step by step wizard.


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