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This is why we are back to use rounded corner in user interface

As you may see on our latest Quote Maker, the user interface is slighly changed into rounded corner. We decided to change it that way because some reasons:

#1 Rounded corners are easier on the eyes

As many expert suggest, processing edges involve more “neuronal image tools” in the brain. This means rectangles with rounded corners are easier on the eyes than a rectangle with sharp edges because they take less cognitive effort to visually process. It feels easier and more organic.

#2 Rounded Corners help organize content

Rounded corners make effective content containers. You can easily distinguish a block of content if they surounded by rounded corner rectangles. The sharp corner rectangle tends to feel that they focus on the space between rectangle instead of inside its rectangle.

So since quotescover need more way to reorganize its user interface content, and also want to reduce cognitive strain at the same time, we are decided to use back the rounded corner language we’ve used on our previous application. We believe that this will make you easier to work with the quote maker.


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