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Updated new user interface

Today we are happy to announce new updates of Quotescover. The first is User interface change which includes the change of tabbed icon and the popup, and the second is the addition of overlay image on the overlay layer. We will explain it in-depth in a separate article for the overlay layer next week as it is now currently in beta testing.

The tabbed menu

Back to the user interface updates, you can see on the tabbed menu on the right column (in desktop view) we changed the color into darker. And makes the icon colorized on the active tab. This will add more contrast to the design so you will find it easier to navigate. Please have a look at the following video to see it in action:


The Popup Menu

We get rid of popup content (modal box) and change it with the right column box just like on the following video:

As you can see on the video above, the popup is moved to the right side of the screen, allowing you to see the canvas while operating with the menu on the popup content.

The popup will not automatically be closed when you choose the font, this approach will make changing font easier. You can browse the font and choose it on the right and you can see it live on the left.

As I have explained before, the biggest update is the addition of image overlay. We are still testing it. Once it is ready I will explain it more in-depth. For now, please try the feature by opening the quote generator app and click on the assets button in the top right corner. Happy designing, and keep safe, everyone!

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