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Version 5.2 is live!

We got many feedback from our user about version 5 regarding to its very steep learning curve.  And now we have fixed that. We are back to our root that put the advanced part under the hood and make the fast, easy and fun part in the front. And so here it is: Quote Maker Version 5.2


This version is not only has easier user interface, but it also pack with other powerful feature called Layout. You see on that circle on automatic tab, if you click on that circle the program will adjust the background layout to match similar to that circle icon. Deviding the image and negative space. And if you click again SIMILAR button you wil have a different alternative of its text layout. Just play with it and you’ll understand the concept in no time!.

Another adjustment we have is the presence of activate deactivate checkbox below the canvas. Now you can quickly hide/disable Frame, Quote mark, etc using that shortcut without have to open the advanced layer.

And also we put back the upload image button on top of canvas. You see that little black camera icon? that is for adding your own photo to canvas.

Hope it can help everyone to create more beautiful Quote maker quicker. And if you have any suggestion, Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thankyou

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